Month: July 2019

Connected Planning for Mining by Spaulding Ridge

Connected Planning for Mining by Spaulding Ridge is a new approach to business planning for mining companies that enables dynamic, collaborative, and intelligent decision making by incorporating all relevant information from across the organization into a single, cloud-based platform. The solution covers the entire planning process across the company, from strategic to operational, by incorporating…
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Introducing Spaulding Ridge’s Quote-to-Cash Blog Series: Aligning People, Process and Technology for Seamless Quote-to-Cash Operations

At Spaulding Ridge, we’re dedicated to helping our clients maximize their investment in Quote-to-Cash applications. With user engagement and process efficiency as the top drivers for client success, we continuously refine the way we implement new processes and technology for our clients’ Sales, Operations and Finance user groups. We’ve successfully helped our clients across various…
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Connected Planning for Higher Education – How Salesforce and Anaplan Can Drive Better Decision Making for Your Institution

Universities invest in constituent relationship management technology to support student recruiting and engagement for a variety of reasons. A few examples include the simplification of the recruiting process, a one stop shop for all recruiting information, faster recruiting cycles, better engagement of potential students, among many others. The core objective of a CRM implementation for…
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Open-To-Buy: A Living Process in Retail Planning

Imagine you are a leading a merchandising team in the retail industry.  Your team’s main role is to supply your retail stores with the right amount of product, within a specific budget, to meet a forecasted demand. However, as time progresses some retail stores may experience inventory shortages. The challenge then becomes determining where to…
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