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Global Impact

Our commitment to bettering our local and global communities is a hallmark of Spaulding Ridge.

How Can We Make the World a Better Place?

It’s this question that acts as our daily compass. We are global citizens. This is our shared world — what are we doing if not striving to make it better? Spaulding Ridge was founded on the belief that business can be a force for good, and we aim to live that belief in all we do.

By helping other businesses succeed, by creating an inclusive and satisfying work environment, by donating one percent of our revenue to charitable causes, and by supporting communities as volunteers, we hope to leave this world a better place for all.


Organizations We Support

Putting Our Values Front and Center

Passive statements sound good on paper, but what meaning do they hold if there isn’t action to back them up?

At Spaulding Ridge, we’re deeply committed to world-changing initiatives that help create a more inclusive, equitable world.

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Climate Change

Our world requires vigilance as we approach — and pass— what scientists call red lines for climate change. We strive to conduct an environmentally conscious business.

Women in Tech

With Women Elevate (WE) we connect women in technology, offering resources and community to our internal people, our channel partners, and our clients.

Food Security
Food Security

Every year, our teams give back to local communities by partnering with organizations provide food access and distribution to communities in need. No one should go hungry.

Racial Equity

We believe Black lives matter, and we stand with our Black communities against the senseless and unjustified murder of people of color and the persistence of systemic racism.

LGBTQ+ Rights

Spaulding Ridge believes no one should face discrimination or persecution due to their gender or sexuality. We accept our employees for who they are and encourage every member of our team to feel safe as their true, authentic selves at work.

Climate Change

Our environmental impact is a critical part of making ourselves a force for good. The climate crisis is an issue that affects everyone everywhere, exacerbating existing problems and deepening inequalities. As a mission-driven company, we understand our mandate to address our impact on the environment however we can.

Part of this work occurs with clients. Companies that look to Spaulding Ridge for advice on how to address their toughest business challenges, and as a result, we’re well-positioned to help clients measure and reduce their environmental impact. Spaulding Ridge has introduced the concept of SE&OP™, giving companies a framework to manage their environmental goals alongside their other mission-critical objectives.

We also live this belief in our own work. We are currently bringing the same thoroughness we bring to our clients to our own operations, looking at the impact of travel, purchasing, facilities, and more on our own company’s carbon footprint. We have already transitioned to being an almost entirely paperless company, and we will soon release a plan to reduce our own carbon emissions.

Women in Tech

From the earliest days of the tech industry, women have played an integral role in innovating and advancing technology. Unfortunately, in today’s workplace, women and non-binary individuals are often marginalized, and deliberate effort is necessary to help them overcome the structural inequities in the tech world.

Spaulding Ridge’s Women Elevate (WE) initiative builds connection between women in technology, offering resources and community to our internal people, our channel partners, and our clients. We convened a Women’s Leadership Council to advise the firm on issues of gender equity and to ensure we’re leading the way on inclusive leadership. In 2022, Spaulding Ridge hosted our first Women Elevate conference, which brought together leaders from across the business world to discuss how to end gender bias in tech and build a community of allies.


“It’s extremely important for women to have a supportive community and lift each other up, especially in a male-dominated industry. I’ve attended a handful of Women of Spaulding Ridge events since joining Spaulding Ridge and am blown away by the community that Women Elevate has created for women at the company; the depth of the conversations and quality of the events goes far beyond what I’ve experienced in women’s DEI groups elsewhere.”


Meghan Shea | Associate, Spaulding Ridge

Racial Equity

Spaulding Ridge believes that Black lives matter, and that systemic racism in the United States cannot be eradicated without dedicated, consistent effort. We both support efforts to address racism in the broader communities we are a part of and strive to make our own company a tolerant, equitable place to work.

In the wake of George Floyd’s murder and the subsequent movement for racial justice, Spaulding Ridge donated $10,000 to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. We also partnered with Chicago United to hold ourselves accountable for confronting systemic racial bias within our own organization, and we work with Correlation One to help us build a more diverse workforce of data science professionals.


When we leverage expertise, insights, and creativity of people from all walks of life, we become a better organization, we deliver superior services to our clients, and we change our local communities and the world for the better.

We believe our team should reflect the rich diversity that contributes to our communities and our society. We enact this belief through our employment practices and strive to create a culture of trust and belonging where everyone feels accepted, respected, and valued for who they are as individuals.

Director and DEI Leader

“What I’m really excited about in our approach to pushing forward Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at SR is that it is truly employee driven. Our committees, initiatives, and goals are championed by people from all parts of the organization regardless of their title, tenure, or background. This team is willing to take on uncomfortable challenges to make a difference and with each success, continues to push themselves toward higher goals.”

Angela Breard-Chen | Director and DEI Leader, Spaulding Ridge

Giving Back

Our beliefs as a company are reflected in how we work, and in who we work with, but we also see the need to directly support the causes that matter. As a result, Spaulding Ridge not only encourages but requires volunteerism among employees. All employees are required to perform at least 20 hours of community service every year. Spaulding Ridge provides opportunities for bandmates to get involved with local organizations, and we encourage our bandmates to serve in volunteer leadership roles.

We also recognize the need to provide financial support towards causes that matter. Spaulding Ridge has committed to contributing one percent of our revenue each year to organizations that serve their communities. We select organizations that align with the values listed above to support with grants, and we encourage our bandmates to recommend organizations that they care about for funding.


“I’d say giving is in our DNA. We give our time, our expertise, & our resources to benefit our communities. This year we decided to formalize our commitment and join the hundreds of companies that have joined the One Percent pledge.”

Jay Laabs | CEO, Spaulding Ridge

Making A Difference Takes Action

Words can only do so much. Spaulding Ridge is committed to listening, to learning, and to doing our part to create a more equitable world. In everything we do, we ask our bandmates to stand behind our statements, and to share their feedback on how we could do more.

Right to Protest

Taking lessons from President Obama’s essay on George Floyd’s murder, we are committed to the freedom of expression, and we support everyone’s right to protest and communicate beliefs openly.

DE&I Council

Having a diverse team isn’t enough; we must foster an environment of inclusivity to truly embrace differences. Our recruitment and hiring process, mentoring, and day-to-day discussions are bolstered by the formation of our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion council.

Zero Tolerance

Racism and discrimination of any kind, whether explicit or implicit, is not tolerated at Spaulding Ridge. We promote an environment of kindness and respect at every turn and make space for safe discussions.

Active Citizenry

Passivity is unacceptable. Making change, making the world a better place, takes action. We measure our success in these initiatives by the time and financial support we dedicate, and we align our support to our community investments.

We strive to make our world a better place

Learn more about some of our recent initiatives.


Women Elevate2022

In 2022, we hosted the first ever Women Elevate conference, providing conversations and learning opportunities with the aim of making the tech world more inclusive to people of all genders. CEO and author of The Good Boss Kate Eberle Walker provided the keynote and participants received a toolkit of other resources to help them break the bias.

HRC Fundraiser2

For Pride Month, Spaulding Ridge led a fundraiser in support of the Human Rights Campaign, matching donations from employees and encouraging bandmates to learn more about LGBTQ+ people in tech.

Dress For Success

Dress for Success helps women experiencing poverty gain employment through providing clothing, coaching, and support. Spaulding Ridge held a drive for Dress for Success, collecting gently used women’s professional attire so women served by the organization can confidently pursue jobs.

Pitch In For The Parks

Our Chicago office has collected trash in Chicago’s public parks over the summer in partnership with the Chicago Park District, helping to keep the green spaces in our community clean and beautiful.

Food Bank Volunteer

Spaulding Ridge contributes to food security through several of our offices. Members of our Chicago, Toronto, Dallas, and Manilla offices have all participated in volunteer events with local hunger organizations.

Longest Day Golf Challenge

Our London office participated in the Longest Day Golf Challenge—72 holes of golf in one day—to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Chase Corporate Challenge

The Spaulding Ridge team participates in the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge, a 5K race that promotes health and fitness in the workplace, fosters goodwill and camaraderie, and shows commitment to the community and best environmental practices.

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