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Dynamic Cash Flow™ for OneStream

Many organizations still calculate cash flow in Excel which can lead to late, inaccurate, or non-existent visibility of cash flow. Discover how your organization can automate cash flow and get the most from every dollar with Spaulding Ridge’s flexible, pre-built solution in OneStream.

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Dynamic Cash Flow for OneStream

Key Features

  • Spend less time managing your money. Automate cash flow by quickly deploying indirect, direct, and free cash flow for accurate reporting and visibility.
  • Get to insight quicker. Improve ease of analysis and manual adjustments using pre-built cash flow and roll forward dashboards.
  • See further. Enable full visibility and data accuracy through a robust analysis of cash flow reports.
  • Drive performance. Leverage metadata-driven functionality for ease of maintenance and time sensitivity.
Meet Our Expert

Emil Fernandez, Managing Partner

Emil has more than 25 years of experience designing, implementing, and supporting enterprise business systems in the areas of ERP, Corporate Performance Management, Sales & Operations, and more.