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Integrate financial, operational, and sales planning for next-gen revenue insights.

In a tough sales landscape, organizations need consensus on revenue plans more than ever—but it’s tough to get there when teams are operating in disparate spreadsheets. Our Revenue Planning framework removes cross-functional silos and drives insights, allowing you to run monthly reforecasts and analyze current performance against your plan.

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Revenue Planning for SaaS

Business Challenges Solved:


Consensus. By implementing an Anaplan revenue planning system, companies can bring multiple teams together to create a single revenue plan—and then continue to drive collaboration as the plan moves forwards. 

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Agility. Don’t waste time aggregating dozens of versions of the same plan. With expanded planning and analysis (xP&A) capabilities, everyone can work on the same plan in the same place, getting you to revenue faster. 

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Predictive insights. There are dozens of factors to consider when planning for and predicting revenue. A revenue planning framework gives you the power to account for all of them—and to get to more reliable projections. 

Bring your teams together around one revenue plan.

Timeline & Technology Requirements

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Implementation varies by organization 

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Requires Anaplan 

Meet Our Expert

Becca Buell, Partner

Becca’s experience working with Finance and Sales organizations enable her to understand pain points and guide her clients through critical modeling, reporting, and process change.

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