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Better performance, better results. 

Optimize your sales performance management with powerful cloud solutions.

Sales performance management (SPM) solutions provide the tools and analytics needed to optimize sales performance and increase revenue. These solutions offer real-time data tracking, account planning, account segmentation and scoring, forecasting, incentive compensation management, and more, which help tech companies streamline their sales performance and drive growth. 

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Improved sales performance

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Sales strategies and goals in alignment with overall business objectives

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Transparency into sales performance at every entry point 

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Accurate, real-time forecasting capabilities

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Increased overall revenue and profitability

Sales Planning with Anaplan

Improve Sales Target Accuracy with Connected Sales Planning Tools

Accurate sales forecasts are necessary to stay competitive in today’s market. Implementing a sales performance management solution is a great place to start – driving scalability, speed, and agility in your sales planning process.

Spaulding Ridge’s Sales Planning Optimization solution applies functional best practices for territory and quota planning and management using Anaplan.

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Frustrating compensation systems and frustrated sales teams?

Organizations today are already struggling with retaining sellers, and inefficient compensation management only makes matters worse. A good ICM solution keeps your sellers satisfied and aligned with your organizational goals. Spaulding Ridge delivers Anaplan’s ICM solution as part of a comprehensive sales performance management approach to ensure you have the data, tools, and processes to reward your best reps and keep your team motivated.

Spaulding Ridge works with organizations to allow sellers to know the compensation impact of every deal so they can plan and prioritize their sales efforts to maximize results. You get a connected compensation experience and a dedicated support team—letting you keep your focus on your sales goals.

Our ICM approach gives you a streamlined system that delivers:

Unified planning efficiently tailored to your organization.

Reduced credit disputes and workflow complications.

Better planning for prioritized efforts and maximized results.

Visibility at all levels and modernized user enablement.

Better career satisfaction for sales teams.