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Solution Match: Connected Planning + Data Solutions

There’s no such thing as too much supply chain visibility.

When preparing for shortages, having advanced visibility into your supply chain management allows you to get ahead of issues before they snowball. The more information you have, the more you’re in control. By leveraging connected data planning through Anaplan and data tools like Snowflake, you can optimize your supply chain and mitigate risk. Spaulding Ridge can assess your supply chain to identify issues and determine how you can see further ahead

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Gain visibility and control

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Mitigate risk

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Cultivate supplier base reliability

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Align processes internally

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Better manage customer relationships

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Better manage supplier collaboration

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We often find our customers need more insight for optimal supply chain planning—such as insight into accurate demand disaggregate to component need. There is little visibility into component need and FG impact, and scenario planning is cumbersome and manual or non-existent.



Spaulding Ridge implements a multi-platform approach using Anaplan and analytics to address these challenges. Anaplan provides visibility and planning horsepower, while a data solution platform serves as the allocation engine. This provides visibility into component need and FG impact and makes scenario planning agile and automated.


Companies that leverage this solution benefit from more accurate component allocation, clear visibility, and real-time scenario planning. This allows them to gain the insights they need around shortages, impact to FGs, and necessary prioritization actions. On top of that, scenario planning becomes a breeze, with each aspect of their demand & supply all navigable with the click of a button.