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Spaulding Ridge’s Step-by-step Approach to Tech Rationalization

Whether there’s a newer and better system available or your old solution hasn’t aged well, learn how you can effectively identify and eliminate inefficient technology. It sounds daunting but we’re here to help. We’ll take you through the following assessment:

Identifying Users & Gathering Feedback

We start at the beginning, with the people on your team with user insight. Why did you invest in the systems you have now? What could work better? Starting by asking the basic questions and you’ll get better conclusions. 

Business Processes and Data Flow

It’s important to have visibility into what business processes are being served by your tech stack, which are being duplicated, and which are left out. We’ll help you get a clear roadmap of all your data, from input to processing to output.

User Experience
and Requirements

Just because a solution was implemented for a specific business process doesn’t mean it still meets user needs today. The process may have changed, or there may be some areas day-to-day users feel don’t meet their needs. Technology rationalization finds these issues and fixes them fast.

Data Security, Veracity, and Maintenance

If your data is siloed, relying on manual input, or duplicated, you miss the potential for transparency, strategic insight, and collaboration. Additionally, the more data points and processes you have, the harder it is to keep it all secure and validated. We can deliver one coherent process for your entire stack.