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Visibility, Granted.

Do more, with less. 

Visibility into what your sales Performance team is doing and what’s working is critical. Whether your organization could benefit from stronger onboarding and enablement, different materials, an updated outreach strategy, or any other tactical shift, data can help you uncover it. The result: A more productive sales operation and a quicker path to closed deals.
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Get the most out of the technologies, teams, and tools you already have 

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Create more impactful sales strategies 

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Identify the best accounts and opportunities

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Align processes across regions, business units, and reps 

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Identify what tactics help you move deals forward

Get to Maximum Sales Productivity
Through Analytics

Spaulding Ridge’s team can quickly review your sales operation, ensure your data stack is aligned with your goals, and deliver tools and support to help you create value. Our process comprises the following steps:

Vision & Ingest

Through a proprietary accelerator, workshops, and modeling, we give you a path from data intake to sales KPIs, bringing together multiple sources of data to help you see further.

Categorize & Harmonize

To maintain sales best practices, you’ll need to be able to align on specific data definitions usable across your company. We’ll build a centralized data model and give you the tools to use it.


Put your data to work for your sales operation. Leverage dashboards, reports, and Power BI workspaces to ensure you know everything you need to know about sales at your company.


Need extended support for your sales data stack? We’re here to help! We can provide advisory, data engineering, environment monitoring and maintenance, training, or a wide range of other options to give you the maximum potential benefits from your system.

Together, we can ensure your team has what they need to sell smarter—keeping your company financially resilient.

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