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Spaulding Ridge was built from the ground up to be a modern provider of Cloud-based CPM solutions. Our mantra is “Best in Cloud” which means no legacy vendors. If you’re looking for old-fashioned solutions from the likes of Oracle, IBM, and SAP… look elsewhere. Many of our practitioners implemented those solutions in the early 2000’s and then came to Spaulding Ridge to turn the page and focus on modern, cloud-based solutions.


Our leadership team includes Principals and Founders of three of the largest Hyperion partners over the last 20 years. Collectively, we have implemented over 1,500 CPM projects, including some of the largest CPM projects for many Fortune 500 companies. We built Spaulding Ridge to apply that experience and expertise to new, disruptive solutions designed to serve the office of the CFO.
The Anaplan platform offers a new approach to planning. To enable collaboration, the platform was built in the cloud, for the cloud. To address exploding data volume and variety, including data from unstructured and online sources, it leverages standards-based data integration that can bring in data from any source. To meet real-time modeling and calculation demands, the platform combines the benefits of cube, columnar, and cell-based frameworks with an in-memory modeling environment and a multi-threaded calculation engine.
The Anaplan Way delivery model is an Agile project methodology which has been used to deliver thousands of succesful Anaplan projects. With the Anaplan Way, collaboration, prioritization, and broad-based buy-in come before project planning. We want to understand, and help our customers articulate, the strategic vision for their application. (“Measure twice, cut once,” as the saying goes.) The Anaplan Way follows a structured flow of events with specific phases and milestones, but because changes inevitably crop up during a project, the Anaplan Way is also flexible and adjustable.
At Spaulding Ridge, we believe that All Business is Personal. It’s not just something we print on our business cards; it’s a philosophy of conduct and a belief that business and personal integrity are two sides of the same coin. Experience what it means by becoming a Spaulding Ridge client. We look forward to working with you.

Contact us to find out how we can help you evaluate, architect, and implement Anaplan for your organization.


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