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Companies that get connected planning understand the need to break down data silos and increase transparency. However, connected planning solutions, even ones as comprehensive as Anaplan, don’t quite give you a single source of truth (SSOT). Establishing an SSOT offers advantages in data analysis, security, and easier expansion of an organization’s tech stack.

The key to your SSOT is a data cloud solution that works with your current connected planning tool.

Data – The DNA of your Organization

Most enlightened companies already measure data continuously and treat their data as the valuable asset that it is. They know it’s not enough to simply have access to this data—it’s all about their ability to sort it, analyze it, and use it to make decisions.

For example, organizations with complex supply chain needs (such as those in retail or manufacturing) use Anaplan to optimize their supply chain processes through data. Getting the full picture from procurement and inventory management to production and distribution helps them keep things moving for their business.

This is useful—from a planning perspective. But what if a company wants to get granular? Say a consumer goods company wants to track an individual product’s journey from their input suppliers through the factory floor to the retailer? Snowflake, a leading data cloud solution, provides detailed data analysis at scale, enabling organizations to spot patterns and trends across their supply chain data.

Detail level reporting is useful while using both technologies because it enables organizations to gain a granular understanding of their supply chain operations. This allows them to track individual items, orders, and shipments and identify potential bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and areas for improvement. Crucially, it takes the combined power of both connected planning and a cloud data solution.

Snowflake and Anaplan: Better Together

Anaplan is a powerful planning and forecasting tool that makes great use of real-time data from various sources to power informed decisions. However, it works best on a macro level—because Anaplan is focused on speed and flexibility, it wouldn’t make sense to store your entire universe of data in Anaplan. And large-scale data analysis or complex data modeling also require purpose-built tools to give you the full picture. A data cloud solution like Snowflake can optimize your organization’s data insights and analytical capabilities.

Snowflake is the ideal tool for businesses that need to handle large volumes of data and perform complex data modeling and analysis. By integrating Anaplan and Snowflake, businesses can benefit from the strengths of both platforms, leveraging Anaplan for planning and forecasting, and Snowflake for data analysis, modeling, and reporting. With streamlined storage, organization, and delivery of data, Snowflake delivers measurable efficiency gains and more effective decision-making for enterprises.

Of course, the most important thing to consider when connecting two systems is compatibility. While some last-generation analysis technologies take a Ph.D. in computer science to set up, Snowflake is built to connect. It slots in quickly with Anaplan, letting you access and use your data much faster. And ultimately, a faster setup means more time to make more informed decisions and gain more advantage in a competitive marketplace. And a year later, when you add another piece to your tech stack, you now have an easy-to-use data tool that you can route your integration through!

Snowflake, SSOT, and Security

By integrating Anaplan and the Snowflake Data Cloud solution, you achieve the one-two punch of having access to real-time data when you need it, and historical data for deeper business insights, all within that all-important single source of truth. Keeping that SSOT secure is a top priority. Enterprises know the possible cost of a security breach where personal data is concerned.

Snowflake has become a prominent leader in the data cloud industry due to its relentless focus on security, scalability and the agility of its platform. In choosing Snowflake as your data cloud solution, you can ensure that your organization’s data remains secure, protecting your company’s reputation and minimizing the risks of financial and legal consequences associated with data breaches.

How to level up

For enterprise-level businesses, a data cloud solution is a significant must-have. Mid-market organizations also benefit from the advantages of an SSOT and warehouse capabilities for large-scale data analytics. If you are already employing Anaplan as your connected planning tool, then Snowflake is the logical choice for your must-have data cloud solution.

To learn how Spaulding Ridge can customize, integrate and manage a Snowflake data cloud solution alongside your Anaplan platform, contact Mick Ramczyk at [email protected].