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Anaplan just completed its first DigitalCPX, showcasing advances in its platform and stories of how Anaplan has helped companies become more resilient and agile.   Last year, when reflecting on CPX, I wrote that “Connected Planning is real and not just being pushed by Anaplan and its partners”.   This year, I’m walking away convinced that it is essential for businesses to thrive.

Here are some key takeaways and observations from 2020 CPX:

  • Innovation has been rampant during this tumultuous year.   Companies shared how they used Anaplan to pivot and operationalize new strategies such as new delivery models, new products and services, and new suppliers.   Anaplan itself clearly took time to innovate on the platform with more new capabilities announced than I ever recall at CPX.  Hypermodels, Predictive Insights, notifications, public cloud with Google Cloud Platform, PlanIQâ„¢, Anaplan CloudWorksâ„¢, transactional APIs all are significant new capabilities that will enable companies and partners to develop more innovative solutions powered by Anaplan.

  • The opening of the platform is here.  Digital transformation has accelerated in the past year as companies have seen how essential it is to have a digital blueprint of their organization to weather change.   Anaplan has been successful in the past at opening up conversations and collaboration in organizations by digitizing planning.   Now, it’s opening its platform such that scenario planning can be better integrated into a company’s digital ecosystem.    AWS and GCP are first at-bat, but we anticipate additional ways to leverage powerful data intelligence and AI platforms in conjunction with Anaplan to create better models, recommendations, and insights.

  • All types of businesses will benefit from Anaplan solutions.   We saw examples of how companies across industries, including financial services, manufacturing, Telco, CPG, distribution, and technology, among others.   The solutions look different but are powered by the same platform, highlighting Anaplan’s inherent flexibility.   Partners like @Spaulding Ridge help clients deliver solutions that are applicable and relevant for different types of companies and allow them to better plan, analyze, and measure their performance.

We are excited about all the new ways we will help our clients succeed and are leaving CPX confident that our clients’ investments in Anaplan will pay off.  If you could not participate, some videos of the event are online, but I’d be happy to speak to you and hear your thoughts!

Founded in 2018, Spaulding Ridge is a top management consulting firm, dedicated to client success and helping organizations implement and adopt best-in-cloud technology to solve their most pressing challenges. We provide the office of the CFO financial clarity to Sales and Operational complexity by integrating financial and sales SaaS Platforms.

We help:
• Finance gain control ” Increasing financial effectiveness, insight and impact
• Sales increase Productivity ” Hitting quota more quickly, consistently and efficiently
• Operations increase Competitiveness ” Through productivity rates, customer service outcomes, and efficiency