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As many companies are contemplating how to provide opportunities to come back into the office, many of us  face the challenge of creating a safe, healthy environment for our employees while not impacting our company’s ability to thrive during these challenging times.  For some, that might mean staggered office attendance, identifying new floor plan layouts, investing in new technologies, or hiring additional talent to support their ability to comply with new labor health & safety standards since the COVID-19 pandemic began.  Others may work in industries that allow them to pivot their facility use strategy, focusing on mobilizing tools to support a virtual workforce and providing office capabilities to those who want to take advantage of them for mental health purposes.

Here at Spaulding Ridge, we have the unique opportunity to pivot the way we work together and support our clients.  We have two central office locations, our Headquarters in Chicago, and our office in Omaha.  As we identified the opportunity to consider re-opening our facilities, we also identified the right path forward for us was to do so on an entirely voluntary basis with the help of Salesforce’s solutions.  This meant continuing to focus on optimizing our virtual work environment while also providing the opportunity to come into our offices and do so in a way that allowed for the highest level of health safety we could afford.  With the resources that provided, we’re confident that we are going to be able to better support our talent and our ability to continue to thrive and grow as we continue to evolve through these unique times. is a suite of products and solutions that enables organizations to safely reopen their workplaces. Broken up into seven modules, you can find the right tools to help you return to work safely.

  • Command Center

    • The Command Center is the central hub where leaders can get a single view into public and private data to give you the insights you need to make informed decisions.

    • Once you reopen, this is where you can manage and monitor employee wellness and training, shift scheduling, and facilities preparedness.

    • If you need to visualize data from other systems, we recommend using MuleSoft to integrate data, so you have one consolidated view

  • Employee Wellness

    • Using configurable surveys, you can check-in with your employees and visitors to assess their current health status.

    • View this data on dashboards and filter down by location to make informed decisions about when and where to reopen.

  • Shift Management

    • Shift Management allows organizations to create new capacity models to control density in order to prevent crowding in elevators or common areas.

    • Employees will be able to use their phones to select their availability, view and confirm shifts, and receive an arrival time that aligns with the configured capacity model.

  • Employee Contact Tracing

    • Using manual contact tracing, businesses can track health relationships to safely and securely minimize the spread of COVID-19.

    • Business leaders are able to visualize connections and identify hotspots

  • Emergency Response Management

    • This app has the tools to enable government agencies, along with both public and private sector organizations, to respond to emergencies by prioritizing and allocating resources effectively quickly.

    • Public Health organizations can use self-service and digital tools to identify, assess, and interact with patients.

  • Volunteer and Grants Management

    • Streamline your volunteer coordination and grant-making processes using the existing products.

    • Use digital sign-ups, scheduling, and reminders to match the right volunteer to the right event.

    • Automate the grant-making processes by tracking the initial application to the final award.

  • myTrailhead for Employees

    • Help your employees learn new skills to meet your evolving business needs.

    • Employers can ensure returning employees comply with new safety policies and have the information they need to succeed.

Since most of the data is related to personal and health information, it is recommended that be implemented in its own Salesforce instance. For more information check out the recent demo Salesforce put together.

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