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Customer lifecycle is a continuous circuit of quote to cash. To keep the cycle going, sellers need to keep things running smoothly even after the deal is made and the contract is signed. If you have Salesforce CPQ, you understand how automating tedious manual processes, calculations, and communications saves your sellers time and gets them back out in the field sooner.

But what happens when the deal is reached and it’s contract time? Invoice time? Are your people truly spending their time and talent where it’s most needed, or are there a few steps missing in your quote-to-cash process?

Contract lifecycle management (CLM) is an integral part of any sales process, but it’s often overlooked – despite all the time spent creating and revising, redlining and approving the contract document. CLM software, like DocuSign, creates a streamlined, automated process that offers greater transparency into what you’re agreeing to and accountability for who made the decision—all while giving your sellers back valuable field time.

But the benefits of implementing DocuSign CLM go further than reclaimed time in front of customers – DocuSign CLM software is the missing link that will transform your Salesforce CPQ and ERP software into a single, fully integrated quote-to-cash system. Several organizations, TransUnion among them, can attest to the power of this integrated system.

If you are working with Salesforce and an ERP system alone, your finance department has to drop out of your systems any time they need to reference a contract for an invoice. Changes to recurring revenue streams, such as upsells or renewals, become burdensome processes that require administrators to jump between manual contract archiving systems and Salesforce billing.

By integrating CLM software with your Salesforce and ERP system, you enable the software to automatically check that contract details match what the sales team entered in Salesforce. The contract is available and easy to access when needed. You enable collections accelerators like invoice generation, invoice batching and email notifications. Sales, legal and finance all have access to the same data and the same contract to ensure accuracy and reduce human error, while cutting down on manual communications processes and time lost to searching for siloed information.

If your organization has been seeing process improvement with Salesforce and is ready to replicate those improvements across the entire quote-to-cash cycle, then contact us to learn how Spaulding Ridge can help you get the integrated quote-to-cash system you need to accelerate revenue.