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You’ve invested in a Salesforce system that helps automate as many tedious, manual tasks for your sales team as possible—especially related to configuring, pricing, and quoting your offerings. You’re a well-oiled machine, accelerating deals and freeing up your sales reps to spend more time in the field.

Here’s where the wheels fall off: it’s agreement time and suddenly your sales team is bogged down in contracting details. If you’re like most organizations, it’s still a cumbersome manual process to make sure every last detail of the product is reflected in a custom contract. If your sales team is managing this process manually, that’s a lot of sales time lost.

The fact is, Salesforce CPQ on its own gets you only so far. Combining it with DocuSign CLM gives you the full value of your investment by helping your team keep its efficient, automated pace through the full contract lifecycle – from quote to contract archiving.

The Contract Gap

To some leaders, before the contract is where the sale happens and after the contract is where the revenue happens, the contract itself is merely a formality. The result: the contract gap, a problematic lack of focus given to this critical piece of the customer lifecycle.

Problems created by the contract gap can crop up in several areas, but the end results are the same: lost field time, manual errors, and a frustrated customer. Whether it’s generating contracts that reflect the negotiations your sales team made without wasting that same team’s time creating and project-managing any changes to the contract, or automating the otherwise lengthy approvals process, leveraging DocuSign CLM alongside your Salesforce CPQ program ensures a smooth, fast contract process that only involves the necessary parties.

In this uncertain economy that demands more from a smaller sales force, you can’t afford to let the contract process bog down the same sales team your Salesforce CPQ helped get up to speed.

Get to Strategic Contracting

As experts in both Salesforce and DocuSign, Spaulding Ridge has developed custom CPQ and CLM solutions for enterprise businesses selling complex offerings, putting the power of both systems at the fingertips of every rep. Let us help you close the contract gap and deliver a more strategic approach to revenue.

Contact Alex Helin if you are ready to give your Salesforce CPQ the CLM partner it needs.