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Contract management software streamlines the contract process, automating manual tasks like document generation, orchestrating complex workflows and approval, and eliminating unnecessary risk. Contracts are inherently valuable. They contain private information, financial terms, obligations and more—all things most organizations want to keep secure and analyze to better understand their business.

Adding contract analytics to a contract management tool allows you to search large collections of agreements and compare contract clauses and terms side-by-side to help businesses quickly identify areas of risk and opportunity.

In a recent study by Forrester Consulting, businesses ranked the inability to effectively search all agreements’ full text as the number one challenge they face in managing contracts. So it’s not surprising that 24% of respondents are beginning to adopt contract analytics software.

Which of the following process and systems issues do you encounter with paper-based processes when managing agreements?

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John Beringer
John Beringer
Senior Managing Partner, Spaulding Ridge
About the Author

John is an experienced professional with deep expertise across a variety of technology platforms, including enterprise performance management, business intelligence, and enterprise resource planning. John excels at guiding organizations through the development of initial roadmap and strategy, and then ultimately the implementation of those technologies.