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Have you ever downloaded an app on your phone, try using it for less than 3 minutes, only to realize that it was incredibly difficult to follow, and not worth the initial learning curve to use it? Whether we want to admit it or not, this new era of technology has made us decide whether we have a good ” or bad ” feeling about a product in the first few seconds of using it. There are so many intricacies and programming features behind what we see on our screens, but ultimately what matters comes down to one critical factor: User Experience (UX).

What does the “U” in C-O-U-P-A stand for?

User-Centric. Coupa has shown to break away from the pack of legacy systems, specifically proven in Gartner’s Magic Quadrants for Procure-to-Pay Suites. One of the reasons for this is how centered Coupa is around the user. Through its active community, users are able to give consistent feedback and request new features that are rated by other users as well. Coupa monitors this community and resolves these requests with new versions of Coupa published on a regular basis. Its core area of focus is built around gaining competency in product development. Coupa has focused on creating a product that is easy to adopt and can be quick to understand in the P2P space. When it comes to being User-Centric, the focus is that “the best UI is no UI.” The technology is designed to do the work for the user and allows a hands-off experience that provides ultimate customer satisfaction. Additionally, Coupa has built a community that regularly takes in end user feedback and consistently updates the platform to make it a better experience for its customers.

How UX impacts your business.

Implementing process or system changes in an organization can be difficult; we have all been there. The uncertainties that come with a new process or a new system can be met with resistance and plenty of pushback from your employees.

Introducing a platform like Coupa with a comfortable, easy-to-adopt interface brings a higher endorsement rate to the new process in an organization. Ease of use allows for your employees to happily accept the new process. Think of the alternative ” if employees are learning a system that is difficult to use, the culture around the organization tends to turn into a negative snowball effect. According to MorningStar, “Coupa boasts strong user metrics with net retention rates over 110% and gross renewal rates near 95%.” Companies like Amazon, Apple, and Google have succeeded due to their consistently easy to navigate websites.

If it is not seen, it is not happening.

We live in a world that wants transparency and one that indicates that something is happening. As we move away from the idea of doing work “behind the scenes” in an organization only to later surprise employees with a big announcement, employees appreciate being informed during the change in processes.

In the same manner, Coupa has incorporated visibility into each of its processes and requests. With the click of one “Submit” button, employees can easily see who has ownership in the next stage of the approval process, as well as the entire approval chain in the process.