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Would your company benefit from being able to negotiate contracts 30% faster? According to a Gartner study, by 2023, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will provide organizations the ability to negotiate contracts and complete the full cycle of document management 30% faster.

As you may know, DocuSign has long been recognized as the world’s best eSignature platform. However, it is now becoming recognized in our industry as the leader in full cycle contract management.

DocuSign has continued to grow its platform to encompass a full suite of offerings referred to as the Agreement Cloud. When digging in with clients to better understand what is holding them back, it is immediately clear to me that integrating and automating the contract to close lifecycle isn’t obvious. This leads me back to my initial question: would your company benefit from an automated approach to contract management?

Let’s talk about a hypothetical use case:

  • Multi-billion dollar conglomerate

    • Business Pain Point: Siloed Procurement, Legal, and Sales process that leads to an elongated and difficult contracting process.
    • Business Impact: Have lost multiple deals as a result of missteps in negotiating due to misalignment between the main three parts of the business and ultimately a loss of confidence between groups leading to internal conflict and lack of trust
    • Financial Impact: $10 million in lost revenue, annually

Clearly the data above is fictional, but the use case is VERY real in today’s marketplace. Since the beginning of the global pandemic, many of the leading organizations that have prospered during this time took advantage of the operational efficiencies that DocuSign Agreement Cloud provides.

We continue to speak with organizations that are feeling the pain. So my question to everyone reading this is what is the potential business impact related to lost revenue or internal confidence?

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