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In recent times many have been thrust into a ‘new normal’ when it comes to work. Meetings in conference rooms have been replaced by, what look like, Brady Bunch-esque video chats; hallway conversations by IM’s. With the upsurge and broad acceptance of remote working, businesses are having to adapt to this new era in nimble ways. Remote working is the new business as usual.

Among the many, daily interactions that are essential to make businesses run, the agreement process is one that is highly affected by this shift from in-person to remote working.  Walking down the hall and putting a contract on a colleague’s desk (or many different desks) for a wet signature is no longer the most efficient way to execute an agreement and may no longer be an option at all.  In the digital working environments most businesses are either already accustomed to or being forced into, workflow and communication can be disrupted by the reliance on ink and paper to confirm contracts and other decision-making dialogues.  While remote working isn’t a new concept, the current business climate reinforces the necessity to move away from paper-based processes and embrace the cloud.


Let’s take a look at how Spaulding Ridge recently assisted a large, non-profit health insurance provider rapidly expand its eSignature capabilities. The client’s mission is to ensure all its members have access to high-quality healthcare at an affordable price and with shelter-in-place mandates associated with the rapid spread of Covid-19, many members found it difficult to quickly enroll in their insurance plans without access to computers, printers and scanners to submit forms. The organization had to quickly create a solution to reach its at-home members for enrollment.  Working closely with DocuSign, Spaulding Ridge helped the organization transform its enrollment process and increase accessibility to more members, including those with limited access to computers as well as non-English speakers. Now, health plan representatives and health insurance brokers can quickly populate enrollment information, route for execution, and provide health coverage to new members via mobile authorization.


If your organization is considering adopting a digital agreement process, there are a few lessons learned we encourage you to think through:


  • Consider approaching this as an opportunity to embrace change and facilitate creativity.  Look for ways to streamline the existing process before replicating the exact same process in a new solution.

  • This attitude can be the cornerstone of a culture that facilitates growth, encourages ideas and initiatives which ultimately deliver value adding solutions.


  • Identify key individuals who require support, outline expectations and a clear pathway to training opportunities.

  • Empower teams to get up and running quickly by encouraging involvement and feedback. Make change an ally.

As a DocuSign Platinum Partner, Spaulding Ridge helps clients transition from legacy, paper-based agreement processes to digital solutions for sending, approving, and signing contracts leveraging DocuSign eSignature.  This monumental shift in the agreement process brings the simplicity and efficiency made necessary by a remote workforce.  Spaulding Ridge has partnered with many organizations to not only implement DocuSign’s leading technology, but embrace the change.

Questions on how the DocuSign Agreement Cloud can make your business more efficient? Reach out to John Beringer for more information.

Amy Truett
Amy Truett
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