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JOIN is a digital conference for analytics experts and enthusiasts organized by our partner Looker. Although this year it was all virtual, we wanted to share some pizza, beer & insights in person, and invited local data community to our offices in Barcelona.

We started off with the opening keynote ‘Celebrating Data Heroes -Transforming our World with Data’ which described three case studies of using data to improve healthcare in impoverished communities, promote access to education, and modernize business operations. Then, our surprise guest Jonathan Palmer took the stage to give a talk on Scopely’s data platform transformation. Scopely is a leading games company that produces immersive, directed-by-consumer experiences. The company is fueled by a cutting-edge technology platform, Playgami, that enables studios to create world-class games with the ultimate all-in-one game management platform. At the heart of that platform is data, and Jon leads the teams that power its data capabilities.

During his speech, Jon shared some invaluable tips on migrating to Looker & BigQuery and discussed the many ways Scopely uses these tools to do more with their data. Looker enables fast and accurate insights to games thanks to its semantic layer, while BigQuery allows their team of multi-functional analytics engineers to keep expanding due to the use of SQL and elastic scaling.

If you want to join us next time, head to our Let’s Talk page, and we’ll get in touch.