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It doesn’t take a genius to articulate the vast change that COVID-19 made in our work environments. The days of being able to walk over to a colleague’s desk for support are no more. The pivot to working in an entirely remote world challenged our teams to be resourceful in order to continue delivering superior end results to our clients. And the Anaplan Community provided us with valuable resources, such as content, tools, demos, and forums, that enabled our teams to continue being the best in Cloud.

With the accessibility of the Anaplan Community, it is easy to ask questions, find answers, and learn more about Anaplan. The Community provides countless tools around the platform itself, courses through the Academy, Programs, Forums, Idea Exchange, Anaplan Groups, and more. It is valuable for both end-users and model builders alike. The Academy and Forums are two invaluable resources that I have found myself utilizing and depending on not only since I joined Spaulding Ridge, but especially in the past year.

The Academy

The Anaplan Academy provides a 24/7 resource platform where community members can tailor-make their own Anaplan e-learning journeys. The Academy offers classes on demand when YOU are available. These classes include self-paced courses on learning to model-build through advanced model builder skills, Anaplan methodologies, and other necessities to support an individual’s Anaplan roadmap. As an experienced Anaplanner, I was able to continue to take more advanced model building courses. (And to any beginners, they have perfectly curated classes for more junior Anaplanners).

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About Spaulding Ridge

An award-winning provider of Cloud solutions and advisory services, Spaulding Ridge helps leading companies deploy Best-in-Cloudâ„¢ solutions on a global scale. Spaulding Ridge enables organizations to accelerate operational efficiency, drive digital transformation, and increase competitive advantage.

Spaulding Ridge partners with digitally savvy companies to help:

  • Finance gain control: Increase top-line revenue, gross margins, and profits through better insight. Connect financial planning to strategy and automate financial close processes.

  • Sales increase productivity: Manage quota and territories more consistently and effectively, automate customer contracts and onboarding.

  • Operations drive efficiency: Improve supply chain agility, automate strategic sourcing and purchasing, deliver superior customer service experiences.

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