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Welcome to the third installment of our “Get to Know Managed Services” interview series! Our Managed Services practice at Spaulding Ridge is filled with familiar faces and years of industry expertise. Next up in our series is Managed Services Director, Jae Park.

Interviewer: Tell us about your background and role in Spaulding Ridge’s Managed Services.

Park: I have been in consulting, initially helping clients implement technology, for years. During this time, I’ve realized that clients usually need help once their tools have gone live, so the scope of my work has expanded to include helping clients after the implementation is completed. At Spaulding Ridge, I am the managed services lead for our Anaplan service line.

Interviewer: What does our Managed Services offering aim to solve?

Park: Spaulding Ridge’s Managed Services aims to solve the struggles related to going live with a new tool. This could include deploying consulting staff to run and maintain a technology, because the client either lacks the expertise or the bandwidth or being on call to help fix post production bugs. It can also include ad hoc enhancements that a client requests to improve their use of a tool as they become more familiar with it.

“End user adoption is integral when implementing new software. Why spend tens of thousands of dollars on a tool and then not think about how it will be used once it goes live?”

Interviewer: In your opinion, what is the number one benefit of purchasing Managed Services from Spaulding Ridge over other providers?

Park: Personalized team support. At Spaulding Ridge, we believe that all business is personal. This attitude drives our Managed Services team to think of themselves as an extension of each client’s team. We have the experience, we know the tools, we understand the business processes, but above all we consider our clients to be our partners, so our collaboration leads to faster resolutions and happier end users.

Interviewer: Who do you think benefits the most from Managed Services, and when is the best time for them to get it?

Park: The end users benefit most from Managed Services. This could be the Anaplan admin who now has access to a level of expertise they didn’t have before, or the sales force who now has a workflow process or accurate set of reports to view their performance. Timing is important: to get the most benefit, we should be talking about potential managed services and getting a plan in place during UAT testing. That allows for a seamless transition from implementation to post production support.

Interviewer: How do you specifically support an Anaplan Managed Services implementation?

Park: Managed Services supports implementation by ensuring that their build work is used and supported. We want to keep everything is running smoothly and ensure that our joint goals for the implementation are coming to life. Bug fixes, enhancement requests, enablement – these are all items that Spaulding Ridge Managed Services can support, it just depends on what the client needs.

Interviewer: What would you tell someone who is debating whether they need Managed Services post go-live?

Park: End user adoption is integral when implementing new software. Why spend tens of thousands of dollars on a tool and then not think about how it will be used once it goes live? Adoption is key and clients frequently lack the resources or experience to get that adoption. Managed services helps support both the technology and user adoption post go live.

Interviewer: How does one learn more about Spaulding Ridge’s Managed Services offering?

Park: Just visit our website! You’ll find we cover a variety of industries, technologies and custom integrations.