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A few weeks ago, I attended OneStream Software’s “Splash 2.0” conference in Amsterdam. OneStream customers, partners, and employees converged on the famous Dutch city known for its bicycle-riding public, scenic canals, and old-world European charm (along with a few other famous attractions). After spending two days getting to know my OneStream friends overseas, I walked away with one lasting impression: innovation needs no translation.

As the OneStream Practice Lead at Spaulding Ridge, I was already familiar with how OneStream has modernized and innovated Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solutions. OneStream’s unified platform, along with its XF (extensible finance) MarketPlace, has transformed the CPM industry and put legacy vendors on their heels. OneStream’s commitment to 100% referenceability means that every customer is successful and becomes part of a vibrant ecosystem. Add to this their modern architecture, and it’s easy to understand why Spaulding Ridge considers OneStream a Best in Cloud solution.

That said, my big takeaway from Splash 2.0 was the universal appeal of OneStream. The European customers recounted the same story I’ve heard over and over in North America, albeit with a different accent: tired of legacy CPM vendors that promise integration but instead deliver a patchwork of disconnected systems, many of Europe’s largest companies have made the move the OneStream because of its unified platform approach, simple licensing model, and continuous value delivery through the XF MarketPlace. Large customers like KLM Airlines and Guardian Industries have used OneStream to replace multiple legacy systems (primarily Oracle and SAP) and adopt modern, world-class finance processes.

Rarely have I seen such authentic, contagious enthusiasm about a platform. The attendees weren’t there because OneStream was just “good enough.” They weren’t there just to spend a few days in beautiful Amsterdam. Customer and partners (shout out to my friends at B-Eye, Agium, and Altius!), were there because we all share a very real excitement about the future of CPM with OneStream and the results it brings to customers looking to fully modernize finance and get back to business.

Innovation doesn’t need translation. The appeal of OneStream is truly universal.

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