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If you have Salesforce CPQ, integrating DocuSign CLM is imperative to successful and efficient sales this year. The unpleasant truth of 2023 is that sales operations need to close more sales with fewer resources, including fewer sales reps. Your team needs an integrated solution that takes the manual processes, calculations and guesswork out of the contract lifecycle if they want to maximize the time they spend in the field closing deals.

It’s important to understand how the two systems work together and how a Salesforce CPQ and DocuSign CLM solution helps drive and accelerate sales.

The Basics: What are CPQ and CLM?

Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) software has been available to sales professionals for years. Sales reps rely on CPQ to minimize time-consuming manual processes through the contract lifecycle because it provides quick and accurate quotes for orders. CPQ software also helps ensure error-free pricing, considering various quantities, complex discounts, and more.

This automated experience expedites sales operations significantly. Sales teams can optimize their performance and provide a more seamless customer experience. CPQ software is not only one of the most powerful sales strategy tools available, but one of the most essential.

While CPQ alone enables sales reps to expedite their quotes, Contract Lifecycle Management software (CLM) helps automate and streamline customer contracting at key stages of a sales cycle. This allows sales managers to expedite time to revenue. By automating key contract stages (initiation, approval, negotiation, execution and ongoing compliance), CLM frees up time and relieves manual processes that sales teams face in a similar manner to how CPQ streamlines the quoting process.

The automated and transparent process created by combining these two revenue-driving solutions helps take some of the friction out of the customer’s contracting experience.

The Need: Time is Money in 2023

An integrated CPQ and CLM solution allows sales managers to manage contracts from creation to archiving in an efficient, transparent manner. CLM products enable sales managers and other contract stakeholders to securely store, manage, and access contracts anytime from anywhere, and give them a complete overview of the status of each agreement with complete audit trail records.

With comprehensive contract lifecycle management, sales managers gain full visibility into sales operations and have the power to streamline processes efficiently, which ultimately leads to improved customer experience.

The improved customer experience is always appreciated when it comes to closing the deal, but the real value-add of the integrated CPQ/CLM solution is time. With your sales team facing increasing revenue demands with less administrative support, anything that gives your reps time back in the field selling to clients is a must-have in this uncertain economy.

Why DocuSign CLM and Salesforce CPQ?

If you already utilize Salesforce CPQ, then DocuSign CLM is the natural other half to an optimized sales operation. DocuSign CLM is designed to work seamlessly with Salesforce and of course, it integrates smoothly with DocuSign’s eSignature solution.

The integrated solution allows sellers to tackle everything throughout the agreement process without leaving Salesforce, while offering contract administrators and legal teams access to review, edit and approve, regardless of whether they also have Salesforce licensing. This speeds up the entire contracting process, allowing better control of the legal and contracting teams without burdening your sellers.

This natural pairing gives sales managers and contracting teams full transparency and control, gives sales reps the field time they desperately need, and offers the customer a better experience from quote to contract delivery. We can take none of these results for granted in today’s sales environment of ‘more with less’.

Contact Alex Helin at [email protected] or set up time with our team to take your sales operations and contracting processes into hyper-speed with a Salesforce CPQ and DocuSign CLM solution.