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The Group has grown in recent years, both organically and through acquisitions. This meant we inherited multiple, non-unified information systems with the resulting increase in complexity through the growing need for data and its procurement.

We needed a tool that would streamline our financial close and consolidation while addressing complex global accounting and reporting requirements, as well as provide rapid insights into financial and operating results.

We had to address the issue of having to manually prepare more than 130 spreadsheet pages every month to prepare the Board Presentation content.


With this solution we were able to automate data loading, reconciliation and reporting. Close faster with pre-and post-load validations, immediate identification of errors and quick resolution of data quality issues. This has been a game changer for us.

Now our confidence in Financial Results has grown by delivering 100% transparency into data, metadata and process changes with audit trails and drill back capabilities for complete accuracy and control.


Size: 900 employees

Industry: Bathroom furniture

About: Royo Group International Bathroom (RGIB) is a leading European company in bathroom furniture. RGIB started from two leaders who teamed up to win in this equation: Royo Group brings the trajectory and experience, together with the financial strength that HIG provides as a platform for growth and consolidation.

Technologies: OneStream

Because we needed greater control of our companies.

“Our confidence in financial reporting has grown dramatically; we have gained complete transparency of data, metadata, and process changes with audit trails and drill-back capabilities that ensure accuracy and efficiency.” Nicolás Salvador | CFO, Royo Group

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