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CHICAGO, USA | AUGUST 03, 2022 – Spaulding Ridge, global cloud advisory and implementation firm, today announced the launch of its proprietary DocuSign CLM Connector for Coupa, a contract lifecycle management (CLM) tool to connect procurement teams with cross-functional business units across entire organizations. Spaulding Ridge is one of the first systems integrators (SI) to co-develop a connector with DocuSign.

The DocuSign CLM Connector for Coupa seamlessly connects DocuSign CLM to leading Business Spend Management software (BSM), Coupa, creating a fully connected procure-to-pay (P2P) lifecycle that increases efficiency, improves buyer-supplier relationships, and increases contract standardization. The solution increases data integrity and accuracy, providing visibility within both the DocuSign CLM and Coupa platforms.

“The DocuSign CLM Coupa Connector brings together two big workstreams uniting procurement and contracting, streamlining efficiencies among business units like procurement, legal, finance, and information security. Most procurement teams are spending upwards of 40% of their time doing manual data entry,” states Spaulding Ridge Director Alisha Ahuja. “Spaulding Ridge’s DocuSign CLM Connector for Coupa more than cuts this time in half, reducing wasteful admin time. In our current economic climate, reducing admin time and allowing employees to focus on what matters is critical.”

Spaulding Ridge is a trusted advisor to leading organizations and is known for its deep experience in contract lifecycle management and business spend management. Spaulding Ridge is a Platinum DocuSign Partner and has served 250+ unique clients with more than 400 projects. With more than 100 DocuSign experts globally, the firm is a trusted Agreement Cloud advisor to global enterprise clients striving for operational excellence through digital transaction management. Spaulding Ridge is also a respected Coupa Partner with 20 experts globally and 100% YoY growth.

“Our DocuSign CLM Connector for Coupa was built because of the challenges we heard from our clients’ procurement and contracting teams. This demonstrates our deep understanding and our significant level of expertise in solving our clients’ toughest challenges. We are excited to bring this product to market as we know it will relieve unnecessary spend and time on manual processes,” says John Beringer, Partner, Spaulding Ridge.

The DocuSign CLM Connector for Coupa is part of Spaulding Ridge’s suite of proprietary accelerators that are coming to market this year.

About Spaulding Ridge

An award-winning provider of Cloud solutions and advisory services, Spaulding Ridge helps leading companies deploy Best-in-Cloud™ solutions on a global scale. Spaulding Ridge enables organizations to accelerate operational efficiency, drive digital transformation, and increase competitive advantage.

Spaulding Ridge partners with digitally savvy companies to help:

  • Finance gain control: Increase top-line revenue, gross margins, and profits through better insight. Connect financial planning to strategy and automate financial close processes.
  • Sales increase productivity: Manage quota and territories more consistently and effectively, automate customer contracts and onboarding.
  • Operations drive efficiency: Improve supply chain agility, automate strategic sourcing and purchasing, deliver superior customer service experiences.