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CHICAGO, IL; JUNE 15, 2021

Spaulding Ridge, a global cloud advisory and technology firm, announced today they are deepening their partnership with Anaplan by providing advisory and implementation services for Anaplan’s latest offering, Anaplan PlanIQâ„¢. As a part of Anaplan’s early access program, Spaulding Ridge has already helped two major companies leverage PlanIQ for intelligent forecasting.

PlanIQ is an intelligent forecasting tool that incorporates Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and advanced statistical forecasting techniques based on internal and external factors to improve forecast accuracy. Integrated within Anaplan, business users can easily leverage PlanIQ to run forecasts, pinpoint new insights and make better decisions to optimize outcomes. Automation and repeatability make intelligent forecasting accessible to a wide set of users across the business, in addition to saving teams time and speeding efficiencies.

“PlanIQ is a game changer for our clients, allowing them take their forecasting to the next level leveraging AI and machine learning,” says Spaulding Ridge CEO, Jay Laabs. “Our clients are leaders in their markets ” and enabling them to stay on the cutting edge in order to make better, more effective decisions real-time ” is something we take pride in. I’m proud of the innovative solutions our teams are implementing”; it’s a core differentiator for us.”

Spaulding Ridge has already helped two clients implement PlanIQ, improving forecast accuracy compared to the company’s prior forecasting processes. With PlanIQ, the company was able to easily integrate a wide set of internal, external, and historical data, eliminate manual processes and improve forecast accuracy by 2-8% across all segments of customers, revealing a potential increase in top-line opportunities.

Spaulding Ridge is a Gold Status Partner with Anaplan.

Spaulding Ridge has been a Gold Status Partner with Anaplan since 2018, and has earned other accolades from the cloud-native platform for orchestrating business performance, including the:

  • Customer First Award, AMERICAS 2017

  • Impact Partner of the Year 2019

  • Regional Partner of the Year, AMER 2020

With more than 120 Anaplan experts, Spaulding Ridge’s Anaplan practice is widely known as one of the largest and most technically skilled in the market. The team solves complex business challenges for enterprise companies through strategic advisement and deep technical know-how.

About Spaulding Ridge

An award-winning provider of Cloud solutions and advisory services, Spaulding Ridge helps leading companies deploy Best-in-Cloudâ„¢ solutions on a global scale. Spaulding Ridge enables organizations to accelerate operational efficiency, drive digital transformation, and increase competitive advantage.

Spaulding Ridge partners with digitally savvy companies to help:

  • Finance to gain control: Increase top-line revenue, gross margins, and profits through better insight. Connect financial planning to strategy and automate financial close processes.

  • Sales to increase productivity: Manage quota and territories more consistently and effectively, automate customer contracts and onboarding.

  • Operations to drive efficiency: Improve supply chain agility, automate strategic sourcing and purchasing, deliver superior customer service experiences.

To learn more about PlanIQ, read the Anaplan and Spaulding Ridge partner brief here. You can also find more information on

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