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CHICAGO, IL: Spaulding Ridge, LLC, a management consulting company offering executive advisory and best-in-cloud IT solutions, announced today the recent hiring of Scott Song and Tassos Siatras as Principals in their Advisory Practice, and Doug Hansen as Principal Sales Leader.

Scott Song focuses on leading Spaulding Ridge’s delivery team, enabling clients with solutions spanning across Sales, Finance, and Operational strategy.  Spaulding Ridge CEO, Jay Laabs stated, “Scott brings deep experience in advising and delivering cross functional solutions for our clients.  His broad understanding of pairing business use cases with technology enhances our ability to provide a comprehensive set of offerings to our clients.”  Song is based in New York City.  Prior to joining Spaulding Ridge, he served as a Director and Northeast Delivery Lead at Huron Consulting Group. Song said, “I’m excited to join the team and serve both our people and our clients.  I deeply appreciate our unique culture driven by our investment in our people and ongoing innovation.”

Tassos Siatras leads Spaulding Ridge’s business development, program delivery and operations in Canada. “Spaulding Ridge focuses intently on corporate culture and personnel development. World class resources deliver world class projects and ensure client success and market growth. I’m humbled to join a leadership team with such a long history of success and look forward to collaborating for our clients’ ultimate benefit,” Siatras said. Prior to joining Spaulding Ridge, Tassos served as Managing Director and National Market Leader for Huron Consulting Group’s business in Canada. In that role, he was responsible for developing one of the country’s largest consulting organizations focused on enterprise performance and business transformation. Laabs stated, “Tassos personifies our belief that all business is personal through his passionate team building and innovative delivery approach.”

Doug Hansen is responsible for leading the sales team across North America and Europe, based in Southern California.  Hansen is a 25-year veteran and senior leader in the enterprise software and consulting services industry, and has spent his career helping organizations accelerate growth while staying focused on client success. “I could not be more excited to join Spaulding Ridge,” said Hansen. “Going back to my Midwest roots, core values are extremely important to me and fit perfectly with Spaulding Ridge’s commitment to staying culture-forward and remembering that ‘all business is personal.’  We are creating a modern consultancy; one that has an obsessive focus on collaboration, transparency and client success.”  Laabs stated, “Doug has a proven track record of accelerating growth in large organizations, growing the right way with the right people to make our clients successful.”

Founded in 2018, Spaulding Ridge is a top management consulting firm, dedicated to client success and helping organizations implement and adopt best-in-cloud technology to solve their most pressing challenges. We provide the office of the CFO financial clarity to Sales and Operational complexity by integrating financial and sales SaaS Platforms.

We help:
• Finance gain control ” Increasing financial effectiveness, insight and impact
• Sales increase Productivity ” Hitting quota more quickly, consistently and efficiently
• Operations increase Competitiveness ” Through productivity rates, customer service outcomes, and efficiency