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In addition, DocuSign wins big as the best CLM tool on the market. 

CHICAGO, IL (May 14, 2021) ” Spaulding Ridge has been named one of the top DocuSign partners in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. Gartner’s annual Magic Quadrant evaluates the position of CLM tools around the world. DocuSign was recognized as the top CLM tool in the industry.

 “Our CLM team has done a terrific job setting themselves apart in the DocuSign space. We are grateful that our team has been recognized as DocuSign’s top implementation partner in this year’s Magic Quadrant. At Spaulding Ridge, we partner with Best-in-Cloudâ„¢ solutions, so we are thrilled to see DocuSign getting this honor as well,” Jay Laabs, CEO, Spaulding Ridge, responded to the news.

 John Beringer, Partner in Spaulding Ridge’s DocuSign practice commented, “When we are evaluating our partners, we take the phrase “Best-in-Cloud” seriously – we want to partner with the best technologies.” He continued, “To see DocuSign identified as a leader in the space ” and to be listed as one of their top partners ” is strong validation of our partner’s technology position in the ecosystem.”

 Gartner’s Magic Quadrant vetted these vendors by using many sources. “Information used to create the inclusion criteria, market definition and vendor evaluations in this Magic Quadrant came from many sources, including: 

  • The authors’ interactions with thousands of end-user clients regarding their CLM initiatives. 

  • Verified customer feedback posted on Gartner’s Peer Insights platform in 2020. 

  • A series of briefings with and demonstrations by the vendors included in this Magic Quadrant. 

  • Analysis of survey responses completed by the participating vendors.”

Access the full report here.

About Spaulding Ridge

Spaulding Ridge is a global advisory and cloud implementation firm. We help leading companies deploy Best-in-Cloudâ„¢ solutions on a global scale, providing our clients with a competitive edge.

Spaulding Ridge experts lead:

  • Finance to gain control: Increase top-line revenue, gross margins, and profits through better insight. Connect financial planning to strategy and automate financial close processes.

  • Sales to increase productivity: Manage quota and territories more consistently and effectively, automate customer contracts and onboarding.

  • Operations to drive efficiency: Improve supply chain agility, automate strategic sourcing and purchasing, deliver superior customer service experiences.

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