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When the cloud first became mainstream, the abstract nature of this technology made it challenging for many people to initially comprehend. Having data stored in a space that only existed digitally and was accessible from any web portal presented many potential challenges as well as opportunities. It was difficult to predict how things were going to work. 

Now that cloud solutions have become the norm, we can see how this technology has changed businesses and the economy for the better. Here are some important lessons from the cloud, and how you can use them to boost your business:

1. Savvy tech usage often fuels company growth

One of the major benefits of using a cloud solution is that it is reasonably priced using pay as you go models avoiding the big upfront payment for more users than necessary. Companies of all sizes can utilize cloud solutions that work within their budgets and current size, which typically better matches cash flow. This makes them a less risky technology investment as well.

Many small- to mid-size business leaders have used this to their advantage, and have found that when you have the same technology as larger companies, you can compete with them much more easily. Comprehensive cloud technologies allow you to allocate your resources in a much more productive way. You can then focus on growth, creativity, and innovation instead of managing things on a day-to-day basis.

2. You can never be too protective of your data

Today’s cyber criminals are using increasingly sophisticated strategies, and we’ve seen some of the world’s largest companies suffer breaches because of it. 

The cloud actually offers better, more flexible security options, and in today’s volatile digital world, it’s best to always be prepared. Since the cloud is so easy to customize, you can implement security solutions that make sense for your business. 

3. To make the most out of the cloud, you need to be constantly learning and growing

If you have never used the cloud before, you may find there is a bit of a learning curve. One of the biggest lessons from the cloud is, it doesn’t necessarily come together overnight with single vendor platforms. It should be continually optimized to take advantage of the combination of the best platforms on the market that line up with your company’s growth and scale.

Innovation in the cloud is coming from many new players. You can’t always count on the same, mega-vendor firms that have driven much of the innovation for the past 20+ years. It’s important to stay informed about the latest innovations so you can continually fine tune your model.  

The cloud is consistently evolving and changing, and savvy business owners should start using cloud technology now for more secure and scalable data storage. Using the cloud will not only make things easier for your employees, but it will also help you get ahead as a company overall.

Founded in 2018, Spaulding Ridge is a top management consulting firm, dedicated to client success and helping organizations implement and adopt best-in-cloud technology to solve their most pressing challenges. We provide the office of the CFO financial clarity to Sales and Operational complexity by integrating financial and sales SaaS Platforms.

We help:
• Finance gain control ” Increasing financial effectiveness, insight and impact
• Sales increase Productivity ” Hitting quota more quickly, consistently and efficiently
• Operations increase Competitiveness ” Through productivity rates, customer service outcomes, and efficiency