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A Good Plan: Avoiding Scope Creep

05 Mar 2019

Now that you have decided the level and type of detail in your planning process that works best for you, the next item to consider is the content of your plan: what is the scope? When we talk about “scope,” we’re referring to the clearly-defined goals and boundaries of the project: what should it accomplish, who…
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A Good Plan: How Much Detail Do I Need?

23 Jan 2019

What does a good plan look like? The core of planning is anticipating the future to the greatest degree possible based on past events. It is looking at how people and their behavior have produced a specific outcome within specific circumstances and trying to reproduce the results. Level of detail So, where to begin? Before…
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Data Validation in a Data Hub

20 Jun 2018

Author: Aaron Overfors Your Anaplan Data Hub is the lynchpin for your entire application’s effectiveness, so it’s critical that the data is accurate, up-to-date, and appropriately structured. This way the data is in a readily-consumable format and gives your users confidence they’re working with the correct data. The first time you’re able to see the…
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