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Getting the Most out of Salesforce CPQ – Pricing Strategies You Should Be Utilizing

21 May 2019

Most clients that we’ve worked with do not generally have the appetite to revise their pricing structures or strategies. The “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” mentality can prevent healthy change, but CPQ can accommodate a wide variety of Pricing Use Cases, and oftentimes some great ‘out-of-the-box’ features that organizations don’t utilize. If you’re…
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Salesforce CPQ for Health Insurance Payer – Quote to Card

02 Apr 2019

There are still many industries that are just learning the benefits of Configure Price Quote (CPQ) Softwares. Health Insurance Payers are starting to join the party, and the industry is starting to notice. Salesforce offers a robust solution roadmap for Payers to expand down market, enable brokers, and improve internal efficiencies. Salesforce’s tools of enablement…
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Salesforce CPQ and Billing – Unifying Sales and Finance with an Aligned Revenue Process

25 Feb 2019

2019 is a very exciting year for Salesforce CPQ and Billing. The 2019 Winter and Spring releases have brought some amazing enhancements to the Product. Evergreen Subscription management, Multiple Billing Transactions, New Invoicing Options, and Enhanced Revenue Schedules are just some of the game-changing enhancements to the product so far this year. The number of…
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Salesforce CPQ and SpringCM – Two Halves of a Speedy and Error-Free Sales Cycle

21 Jan 2019

Ever heard the phrase, “Whatever you do, don’t do it halfway?” This phrase can apply to our careers, passions, beliefs, and even our hobbies. If you’re going to try and attempt something, attempt it fully or you may regret what might have been… What does this have to do with Salesforce Configure, Price, Quote and…
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