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The University of New Hampshire (UNH) is one of the top public universities in the United States, home to over 15,000 students across 11 schools and colleges. The University offers 200 programs in more than 100 major fields of study, with an impressive student-faculty ratio of 19:1.




Technology Underutilization Leading to Year-Long Project Implementation Delay

The University of New Hampshire’s fundraising team manages thousands of agreements with their donors every year to ensure gifts to the university are used in alignment with each donor’s wishes. UNH had previously switched from Microsoft SharePoint to Docusign Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) to manage these agreements, but the University still did too much of this work manually. They asked Spaulding Ridge to build a system that would allow them to automate more of their agreement process.


Streamlining Donor Agreement Processes and Saving Time with Automation

Spaulding Ridge worked with UNH to understand what was working and what needed to be streamlined with their agreement processes. UNH’s administrators needed to be able to easily look up requirements and restrictions on donors’ gifts, so Spaulding Ridge began by migrating UNH’s agreements to a centralized location, creating a single source of truth. With this enhanced data source now available to administrators, UNH then tasked Spaulding Ridge to automate the process of generating new agreements.

Spaulding Ridge developed a system that allowed agreements to be generated automatically based on user-provided information and then sent for execution and storage within UNH’s new contract system. Contract routing for internal and external review became customizable, allowing both administrators and donors to quickly review the specifics of gift agreements and gain consensus. Lastly, Spaulding Ridge integrated eSign into UNH’s CLM, allowing donors to approve their gift agreements electronically, automating background checks.


Pre-Built Templates and Automation Cut Completion Time by 25%

The Spaulding Ridge team assisted UNH in developing templates and reports that streamlined the gift agreement process. The new automated capabilities resulted in 25%-time savings for the fundraising team, allowing fundraisers to spend more time with their donors. In addition, the new reporting functionality provided greater insights into UNH’s existing donor community.

“They [Spaulding Ridge] clearly understood the system as well as our process. They took the time to understand what we do and how and then continued throughout to be thoughtful partners to figure out how to make the CLM work for us as best it could while also working with us to come up with creative solutions when things didn’t translate exactly.”

– Gina Damiano, Managing Director of Donor Relations, University of New Hampshire

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