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Wireco is a leading global manufacturer of both steel and synthetic rope, specialty wire, and engineered products. With over 4,000+ employees, they generate an annual revenue of $680M and serve a diverse range of end markets, geographies, and customers. Their products primarily serve the industrial and infrastructure, oil and gas, fishing, mining, maritime, structures, poultry, and storage systems industries.


Outdated Systems and a Lack of Data Synchronization Creates Roadblocks

Wireco relied on Microsoft Excel and Hyperion as their primary source to store their data. Unfortunately, the setup was not fully integrated to capture the various sources of data throughout the business, forcing Wireco to navigate back and forth to try and piece together what the data was communicating.

Wireco found it strenuous to accurately interpret their data processes effectively, deeming it unreliable in achieving specific organizational goals. Wireco opted to construct a more robust and unified system for their processes, partnering with Spaulding Ridge to implement a solution that could meet their business KPI goals and enhance operational efficiency. After communicating with and assessing Wireco’s current data processes, Spaulding Ridge recommended OneStream.


Spaulding Ridge + OneStream – Automation for Efficiency Gains

OneStream aimed to streamline the people planning process, with a core focus on enhancing data analytics, equity adjustments, and account reconciliation, leading to enhanced operational efficiency and data accuracy. The project scope involved building a comprehensive and unified solution to consolidate all financial close and FP&A functions under one platform, serving as a single source of truth for Wireco’s data. Automated capabilities reduced the manual processes performed across multiple financial functions, which led to the accurate reporting of records for revenue and expenditures.

With this, Wireco was ready to take charge of their operations and set themselves up for success, on their terms.


Effortless Data Management and Swift Decision-Making Capabilities

The day-to-day manual workload significantly decreased for Wireco, allowing their finance team to spend more time on value-added activities and automate workflows. With reconciled and centralized data available in OneStream, enhanced reporting features such as real-time visibility into company performance and strategic forecasting based on accurate data to enhance KPI outcomes. Lastly, the newly revamped and accurate data enabled detailed merchandise information to exist readily, facilitating comprehensive sales and cost analysis for strategic business decisions moving forward.

The single, unified OneStream platform equipped Wireco with the tools necessary to make quality decisions faster and have better insight into their business.

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