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This leading automation provider is a trusted partner to the global manufacturing industry.

They generate over $1 billion in revenue annually and are known for providing cutting-edge technologies that enhance manufacturing processes.


Due to complex supply chain and manufacturing processes, this company lacked a tool that could accurately disaggregate supply and demand needs to understand component shortage impact at the order level. 

In addition, these complexities mapped against their existing technology offerings didn’t allow for any kind of agile scenario planning.


Spaulding Ridge helped the automation provider to leverage a range of tools and techniques to provide complete visibility into demand and associated bill of material (BOM) forecasts, component shortages, and real-time scenario analysis.

They built a data platform to run complex BOM aggregation and inventory allocation.  It’s been integrated with Anaplan and leverages Anaplan’s planning, visibility, and reporting horsepower.  The tool has enabled clear visibility to daily shortages impacting future orders.

Additionally, this multi-technology approach provided the ability to analyze different order-build scenarios in real-time to understand pathway to completion and customer impacts, ensuring that the company is able to meet customer needs and expectations.


Overall, these strategies and tools have enabled this organization to address its supply chain limitations, deliver high-quality products more efficiently, and respond quickly to changing customer demands. The Anaplan and data platform offering have demonstrated the critical role of technology and data-driven decision making in modern supply chain management.


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