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Vertical IQ_Spaulding Ridge_Case Study

Vertical IQ helps customers win, grow, and retain more business by providing in-depth industry insights through a robust intelligence platform. The fast-growing organization has tripled its sales volume between 2015 and 2023 and now serves more than 60,000 users across 500+ clients.


Tedious Manual Processes Leads to an Additional 350+ Hours of Labor

Vertical IQ’s business thrives on insights. However, its data platform, data strategy, and reporting efforts were lagging. The organization’s data was siloed, spread across various tools and platforms. As the company grew, data management became more challenging.

Customer facing product usage reports were a key differentiator for the organization but compiling them was a time-consuming process with high potential for human error. The monthly and quarterly reports consumed more than 350 hours annually. The reporting process involved exporting data from various programs, spreadsheet manipulation, data cleaning, and manual distribution.

Vertical IQ had outgrown the way it managed its data but didn’t have the in-house expertise to implement automated product analytics, reporting, and dashboards.

“We could no longer put band-aids on the problem. We needed to put in the work to add value for our customers and develop data management processes that would scale with our ongoing growth.”
-Drake Branson, Director of Product, Vertical IQ


Enhancing Data Presentation and Insight Accessibility

To streamline data management and automate reporting processes, Vertical IQ knew they needed a modern data stack and business intelligence (BI) tool. To implement this stack, they partnered with Data Clymer, a Spaulding Ridge company.

Data Clymer was tasked with developing an architecture plan, integrating data, and creating dashboards. We provided hands-on data engineering and data visualization services, ensuring data connectivity and accuracy.

Through the implementation of the modern data stack, Vertical IQ can now rely on one single source of truth instead of pulling data from multiple locations. This has eliminated manual labor and reduced potential human error.

We also built a dashboard that was embedded in Vertical IQ’s customer-facing products. The reports present data more engagingly, which adds value to customers and the executive team. The dashboard also includes baked-in comparison metrics, which make it fast and easy to understand high-level trends and insights.

“If we hadn’t hired Data Clymer, we would have a very simple dashboard that didn’t move the needle much, and it would have taken us nine months to get there. Data Clymer helped us set everything up once the right way, accelerate production of our Sigma dashboards, and build automation with Snowflake.”
-Drake Branson, Director of Product, Vertical IQ


Saving 140 Hours with Centralized Automated Product Analytics

The Vertical IQ team now saves over 140 hours of manual labor annually with insights from the dashboard. After optimizing their distribution processes, Vertical IQ expects further time savings as well. The implementation has also resulted in:

  • Customer-facing dashboards delivered 9x faster
  • Immediate value from cloud data engineering support
  • Centralized automated product analytics in 8 weeks
  • Increased focus on strategic analysis by eliminating manual labor

As Vertical IQ progresses in its data maturity journey, the organization is exploring more ways to leverage its modern data stack to improve business outcomes. Using the data collected, they are developing a deeper understanding of customer behaviors and preferences. Through this analysis, they will implement enhancements to the Vertical IQ product and platform. They also plan to integrate additional data sources to develop internal dashboards for goal tracking.

“Data Clymer has been one of the best groups I’ve ever worked with. They’re super responsive and easy to work with. Not only did we quickly accomplish what we wanted to get done, we set a goal and surpassed it.”
-Drake Branson, Director of Product, Vertical IQ

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