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Be a Bear is a global digital strategy agency with a strong focus on data-related services, from complex analytics and insights, to advanced automated dashboard reporting.

About Be a Bear:
  • Industry: Marketing and Advertising
  • Company Size: 33 Employees
  • Founding Year: 2018
  • Technology Implemented: Snowflake, Looker, dbt, Fivetran

Manual Data Exporting & Lengthy, Time-Consuming Visualizations

Be A Bear is a fully cross-vertical digital strategy agency that caters to companies of all sizes, from exciting new startups to some of the biggest brands in the world. The main pillar of their digital strategy is actionable insights; effective data pipelining and automated reporting are an integral part of the process that culminates in making well-informed, profitable decisions.

Being a start-up in a fast-growing sector, Be A Bear wished to set themselves apart by investing in world-class tools to automate the flow from data ingestion to dashboarding. Previously, they relied on manually exporting data into spreadsheets, where even the most basic visualizations can take hours to create.


A Modern Data Stack Using Looker, Fivetran, Snowflake, and dbt

The Looker platform has allowed Be A Bear to fulfill their primary objectives. With Looker, Be A Bear can accommodate growth goals, and empower their clients to assess performance in real-time and gain deep-level insights to make better decisions that drive revenue in the long term.

They can now easily collect data from platforms such as Google Analytics, Instagram, Facebook Ads, Shopify, email marketing – all in one place, which in turn, enables clients to gain a holistic view of their marketing performance with real-time interactive reports. This is a significant advancement on their previous automated reporting processes.

It also puts Be A Bear even further ahead of many of their competitors who are stuck in spreadsheets and performing manual processes. Other benefits of Looker include speed and ease of use – instead of having several Excel tabs for each individual platform, a single Explore is needed to combine data from multiple sources. Their analysts and digital strategists can now quickly provide insights and suggestions to clients by building their own dashboards. A requirement for SQL knowledge is no longer a barrier given that all types of users can access the data from Looker due to its unique data modeling.

“Be A Bear is founded on the principle ‘if you’re going to Be A Bear, be a grizzly’ – meaning that we wanted to build our BABI data stack with best practice from the start. [Spaulding Ridge] came in with a lot of experience and could see the value in what we were building from day one, making everything much more effective and enjoyable. It felt less like working with a consultancy and more like a partnership.”

Dan Cooke | BABI Lead, Be A Bear

Increased Visibility & 20% Time Saved Using Looker

With Looker, Be A Bear has a cutting-edge data solution which it can offer as a service to clients at scale, by applying templated modeling logic to different customers. By their estimations, digital strategists are saving 20% of their time that was previously spent on pulling data into spreadsheets. Since it is no longer necessary to manually input data, Be A Bear can maximize the resources dedicated to building client strategies and expanding their portfolio.

To reach this point, Spaulding Ridge delivered advanced Looker training, enabling Be A Bear to tailor their internal and external data exploration processes, and also developed a solution to join data from various marketing sources and monitor the overall impact of any given campaign.

Thanks to this implementation, Be A Bear is ready to start scaling their business and offer automated reporting services to clients.

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