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Sonos, Inc. is an American developer and manufacturer of audio products best known for its multi-room audio systems.

Based in Santa Barbara, California, Sonos employs engineers around the world that build the world’s ultimate wireless home sound system: a whole-house WiFi network that fills your home with brilliant sound, room by room.


Sudden Need for Agile Knowledge Transfer Sessions

In September 2022, Sonos’ in-house Anaplan developers submitted their two-week notices. This transition risked a massive loss of institutional knowledge, given the complexity of Sonos’s custom Anaplan implementation. Furthermore, even with perfect documentation, Sonos would have no time to recruit and onboard a new team member in time to manage the year-end financial planning and reporting processes without support.

Sonos turned to Spaulding Ridge for help. We were asked, “If we brought Spaulding Ridge in, could you run an emergency knowledge transfer from our resources, and have your team help us through this critical end-of-year moment?”


Spaulding Ridge’s VirtualAdmin+ for Anaplan

Spaulding Ridge had to determine, with only one week’s lead time, how Sonos’ data and planning model was maintained so that when crunch time came for the finance team in less than a month, the system could support all the necessary planning, forecasting, analysis, and reporting.

After the triaged knowledge transfer, Spaulding Ridge then needed to support Sonos’ financial models throughout the year-end financial planning and reporting processes through January 2023.


Center of Excellence

Spaulding Ridge Managed Services was able to successfully download all model specificities and use that knowledge to support the Sonos FP&A process. After Sonos recruited a full-time Anaplan resource, the Spaulding Ridge Managed Services team helped bring this new resource up to speed on model architecture and specificities. The Sonos team, including their new team member, are now successfully managing the system independently.


Director of FP&A

“I’ve been very pleased with the partnership…[Spaulding Ridge] has been a strong resource for us to lean on in a time of need and we have felt like a valued customer since day one of the relationship. As a result, SR will be on my speed dial for our Anaplan consultancy needs going forward.”

Director of FP&A, Sonos

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