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Cloud Application Managed Services

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We offer solutions specific to your technology needs.
Managed Services

Put Your Valuable Staff Time Where It Matters Most

Even best-in-cloud technology can be a challenge. With the current competitive talent market, companies are struggling to find the resources or the internal knowledge base to support a new piece of technology or provide day-to-day tech support. Spaulding Ridge’s Managed Services provide full, end-to-end support so you can focus on what you do best: drive value for your business.


Spaulding Ridge Managed Services provides our award-winning personal touch to cost-effective technology support.


We provide white glove service.

Our managed services team is driven by the same people-first mindset that fuels our implementation teams. Every managed services client will have regular touchpoints with dedicated team members responsible for the success of services provided and client satisfaction.

We invest in Best-in-Cloud tech.

While many managed services vendors are generalists, learning software as they go, we make deliberate investments in the best tools on the market. As a result, members of our managed services team thoroughly understand the software they support.

We offer a zero-friction transition to managed services.

By retaining the same partner that built the system to provide implementation or technical support, clients receive a guarantee that all work is guided by the same plan and the same best practices.

We offer flexible delivery.

Spaulding Ridge can provide remote delivery resources and blended location teams, ensuring support is available whenever, wherever.

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Our Value Proposition

Spaulding Ridge’s Managed Services team provides support from a dedicated team guided by the same expertise as our implementation efforts. which means that we can better assist you on custom-built systems, integrations, and processes.

You’ll also enjoy the same personal approach you expect from our implementation team, regular check-ins to assess performance, and dedication to your success.

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Why Managed Services?

Let our team assist with some of the most common issues you may encounter:

Zero Tolerence
Get the Red OUT

The #1 reason organizations seek out managed services is to handle broken processes and systems. We get your platform back to a healthy state by handling administerial tasks, updating modeling, handling the backlog list, and much more.

Keep the Lights On

Managing day-to-day platform operations is essential to business getting done—and often unnecessarily time-consuming. Our services ensure the important tasks are completed without eating up staff time so that your team can focus on value-add projects and innovation.

Knock Out a Punch List

Major projects, mergers, IPO readiness efforts, and more can be time intensive. Spaulding Ridge can give you extra hands for the most work-intensive parts of your projects, drastically reducing execution time and keeping your team’s focus on driving results.

Ensure Best Practices

Technical debt from poor design can bog down your system and make it hard to change. We can make sure your platform is built and managed using best practices, giving you greater agility to meet new needs while getting users the updates they need on a routine basis.

Jessica Cook

Meet our Expert

Jessica Cook, Managed Services Director

Helping organizations manage their cloud spend while maximizing the value of their cloud applications.


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