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Energy & Utilities Solutions

Move away from spreadsheets and legacy financial systems, enhance energy & utilities visibility, and reach your goals and with Spaulding Ridge, a strategic Anaplan implementation partner.


Planning for the Renewable Energy Landscape

As pressure to keep service dependable intersects with the need to address the industry’s climate impact, energy and utilities companies have less and less room for waste and inefficiency. Spaulding Ridge works with you to manage organizations, enhance financial performance, and give your team the data they need to make smart decisions.

“Due to investor pressure, climate change, and the United States’ goal to reach 100 percent carbon pollution-free electricity by 2035, for example, there’s expectation – and demand – for companies to reduce their carbon emissions and supply clean, renewable energies.”

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Utilities. Unified.

At Spaulding Ridge, our team of cloud-native platform experts can help transform siloed strategies into a data-driven, omnichannel planning ecosystem. Support better relationships with clients, regulators, and vendors while generating reliable reports. Simultaneously, we help address operational excellence performance indicators: total cost of service, reliability, process standardization, automation, and performance for any size utilities company. We take our belief that all business is personal seriously, so instead of cookie cutter offerings, expect customized transformation efforts focused on your business objectives.

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Spaulding Ridge, Your Trusted Anaplan Advisory and Implementation Partner

What we do in Energy & Utilities
  • Budget & Forecasting
  • O&M Planning
  • Capital Planning
  • Cash Flow Forecasting
  • Scenario Planning
  • Multi-Site Budgeting
  • Variance Reporting
  • Revenue Planning
  • Treasury & Tax Analysis
  • Generation Forecasting
  • Executive Reporting / KPIs
  • Strategic Objectives
  • Market Forecasting
  • Long Range Planning
  • Strategic Workforce Planning
  • Qualification Planning
  • Multi-Level Labor Planning
  • Attrition Planning
  • Project Resource Planning
  • Benefits Planning

Certified Anaplanners


Anaplan Projects


Unique Clients

Leading organizations partner with Spaulding Ridge

We enable leading organizations across business units.


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Holistic Financial Planning & Analysis

Our Anaplan experts can transform your financial planning capabilities to support your strategic growth objectives from top-down to bottom-up planning and reconciliation specific to energy and utilities markets.


Variance Analysis

Capital Expenditure Attributes Reporting

Capital Expenditure and Investment Planning

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Strategic Workforce Planning & Enablement

With our extensive Anaplan expertise, we can assist you in generating headcount plans inclusive of compensation drivers, operational expenditures, service area allocations, and even federal and state legal regulations. Our service lines ensure that your technology ecosystem maintains a low total cost of ownership with the support needed to expand your investments without substantial time or financial obligations across the workforce.

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Multi-Site Budgeting

When managing multiple work sites, Spaulding Ridge’s cloud-native offerings ensure that your enterprise operates, integrates, and sustains omnichannel capabilities, at-scale, through real-time integrations and reliable platform performance.


Department Level Budgeting and O&M Planning

Debt Management for Utilities

Procurement, Information Technology (IT), and More…

When it comes to procurement, IT, and all forms of planning, you need an infrastructure that is fluid and dynamic while also offering efficiency, governance, and security – you need the cloud. Or, more likely, a multi-cloud or hybrid-cloud setup. Procurement, information technology, tax planning, and long range planning are among the other solutions offered for energy and utilities with Spaulding Ridge through our suite of offerings.


Tax Planning

Contract Scenario Planning and Analysis

Generation Contract Capacity Planning and Analysis

All Business Is Personal

Meet our Energy & Utilities Experts.

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