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Transforming VTEX’s agreements processes with DocuSign CLM.

Gaining clarity and improving operational efficiency in today’s climate is paramount. Today, too many organizations are struggling with inconsistent document gathering and repetitive data entry, resulting in slow turn-around time averaging in 2-4 month delays.

Join Spaulding Ridge, as we sit down to chat with Luzia Amorim Páscoa Santana, Co-Head of Legal and Data Protection Officer at VTEX as she shares their journey on how they transformed the way they do business through the power of DocuSign CLM and Salesforce.

During this fireside chat, hear how VTEX:
  • Improved workflow for contract generation and negotiation
  • Reached 80% of CLM adoption in 4 months
  • Increased global expansion, 9 countries implemented within 6 months

Curious how Spaulding Ridge with the power of DocuSign CLM can help your organization drive efficiency and allow smoother transitions to closing deals faster? Register now to learn more.

  • Tuesday, October 5th
  • 12:00 PM to 12:30 PM CST

Featured Speakers:

Gabby Castro
Gabby Castro

Senior Associate, Spaulding Ridge

VTEX Speaker
Luiza Amorim Páscoa Santana

Co-Head of Legal and Data Protection Officer, VTEX