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Financial Cloud Maturity Assessment

How does your organization perform?  

By asking you a few questions we can better understand your challenges and give you personalized advice on how to deal with them and improve the value of your technology and cloud investments.


Take our assessment below to be assessed on the following metrics:


Financial Planning

A core aspect of any organization is effectively planning for the future and understanding the current financial positions across the board. Individual spreadsheets or analysis software can manage in the short-term but to be best-in-cloud and scale as your organization grows, investment into cloud based financial planning tools is necessary.


Cloud Integration

Organizations are starting to pursue frictionless sharing of data-utilizing tools that are flexible and able to deliver value throughout an organization’s integration chain with limited rework. Spaulding Ridge believes this shift towards connected technologies is not only best practice, but essential to evolve legacy systems into modern, efficient, and scalable architectures.

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Financial Transparency

Financial Transparency is essential on its own, but also a vital component of good financial planning as well. It touches every aspect of the business from sales to supply chain management to marketing. It’s essential to understand at the top level how you’re performing but also drilling down into lower level data to find the key drivers necessary to make short and long term financial decisions. With the right tools, your organization can empower the different departments so that they’re operational needs are considered as part of the financial impact of the business.