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About Chris

Chris Sills brings more than 25 years’ experience transforming business through technology enablement and a successful track record of growing consulting businesses by developing functional and industry offerings.

Chris comes to Spaulding Ridge from Oracle Consulting Group, where as a Group Vice President he developed their energy and utilities vertical. In his time in leading the vertical, Oracle added several top tier energy companies to their portfolio and led one of the top transformations in the energy industry.

Chris has spent most of his career leading large business transformation across several functional areas including financials, supply chain, budgeting and planning, treasury, human capital management, business intelligence, and capital project management.

Chris enjoys making lifelong partnerships with clients and using his expertise in business and cloud to help them achieve their goals. His experience has led to invitations to speak at industry events at Oracle, the Association of Finance Professionals, the Edison Electric Institute Utilities Conference, and more.

Chris lives in the Chattanooga, TN area with his wife Trina, and their three kids, Noah, Aaron, and Grace, and their dog, Cash. In his spare time, he enjoys fly fishing, music, and time with family.