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Success is based on trust and trust is earned through commitment. Trust eliminates suspicion, doubt, and personal agendas and replaces it with mutual respect, caring, and hope. It enables teams to excel. Trust isn’t automatic, though it’s built through a commitment to shared values, when you’re honest and transparent about your successes and your failures. When teams reach that state of trust, great things are possible.

Areas of Expertise

Strategic Planning | Long-term Customer Relationships | Product & Program Management | Systems & Architecture Design | Web & Mobile Solutions | Cloud Technologies | Software Design & Development | Data Warehousing | Database Management Systems

About Chip

Chip Tondreau is a technology executive with a proven track record for innovation and delivery of cloud-based solutions. He brings 35 years of consulting and product development experience with commercial and government clients to Spaulding Ridge’s Salesforce Practice as a Partner.

Chip lives in Vienna, VA, with his wife, Linda Cordovana. He has four grown children who are successfully pursuing their dreams and he is a soon-to-be grandfather. Recently, Chip retired from 25+ years of coaching youth sports and mentoring young men as a BSA leader.