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I believe very strongly in our all business is personal value. This applies to really the only two things that matter in this business – our clients and our people. When you treat your clients as you would want to be treated, you’ll be amazed how well things go. Additionally, investing in your people and caring about their development, work life balance, and general well-being will pay dividends for the business over time. 

Areas of Expertise

Enterprise Performance Management | Business Intelligence | Enterprise Resource Planning

About John

John Beringer is an experienced professional with deep expertise across a variety of technology platforms, including enterprise performance management, business intelligence, and enterprise resource planning. He excels at guiding organizations through the development of initial roadmap and strategy, and then ultimately the implementation of those technologies.

Beringer joined Spaulding Ridge early in the business advisory segment. As Chief Strategy Officer, he has been involved in each of Spaulding Ridge’s different practices, previously serving as head of our Revenue Excellence practice, growing the DocuSign business, and being responsible for DocuSign and Salesforce globally. John is most proud of Spaulding Ridge being named the #4 best big firms to work for by Consulting Magazine.

Beringer lives in the West Town neighborhood of Chicago, IL with his wife Jennie. He is an avid golfer.

Prior to Spaulding Ridge, Beringer worked at Huron Group, before which he attended Indiana University.



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