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“All Business is Personal” is a philosophy that’s instilled in the actions I take. With customers, it’s recognizing that we are dealing with people and emotions, to whom we owe a duty of care to as trusted business advisors. With our own people, it’s about doing what’s best for them from a personal and professional standpoint. I also firmly believe in “Building for the Future and not for the Present” in all facets of the workplace. Although this route is tougher, it results in a more stable foundation coupled with a culture that flourishes organically.  

Areas of Expertise

DocuSign Agreement Cloud Specialist | Anaplan Certified Model Builder

About Razaam

Razaam Shafqat has more than a decade of experience in the SaaS field. He is an experienced consulting leader with broad enterprise solutions experience across finance, sales, supply chain, legal, and procurement, leveraging cloud technologies to solve for a variety of challenges.

Joining the Spaulding Ridge team in 2019, Razaam is an Associate Partner and is responsible for developing the European Markets strategy and execution, leading the day-to-day of sales, marketing, recruitment, and services delivery with a specific focus on the Spaulding Ridge DocuSign business. As the first employee in the UK, Razaam has led expansion efforts , building a team capable of achieving a $10m+ revenue target in just over two years. He’s also been integral in establishing Spaulding Ridge as the most trusted DocuSign partner across the European market.

Born in Manchester but made in London, Razaam is the youngest of five siblings. He lives near his family with his wife and beautiful son. In his free time, Razaam supports causes related to Orphan Welfare and Disaster Victims.

Razaam graduated with a 1st Class Bachelor Honors Degree in Accounting and Finance from the Manchester Metropolitan University and is an ACCA (Associated of Certified Chartered Accountants) Fellow.