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It’s not just the quality of the work you do, but the experience you provide to your team while you do it. I have found opportunities and success in pushing myself, colleagues, and clients through discomfort to enable digitalization within corporate legal departments.

Areas of Expertise

Legal Technology Industry Trends | System Design, Deployment, & Implementation | Telecom Industry | High Tech | International Contracting | Management Consulting

About Rebecca

Rebecca Yoder is a legal technology and operations executive with 25+ years of experience. A legal industry influencer as well, Rebecca supports the growth of legal technology for contracting processes. She is recognized for innovation, leading a high-performance team, and the ability to work collaboratively across organizations. 

An Associate Partner in the DocuSign practice at Spaulding Ridge, Rebecca focuses on global delivery and the development of our CLM+/Insight practice. 

Rebecca lives in Denver, Colorado, with her husband Mark, 7-year-old daughter Caroline, and lovable golden retriever Winston.

Prior to Spaulding Ridge, Rebecca worked at DocuSign and SpringCM as a legal industry expert in support of CLM and contract analytics. She also spent 20+ years at another consulting firm as Director of Legal Technology (part of the Legal Operations team) focusing on deploying solutions to 2,500 legal professionals globally. She worked closely with IT to manage the full scope of the Legal IT blueprint, including contract management solutions, eBilling, document management, contract generation tools, and compliance solutions.  

She also served as a Contract Manager supporting long-term outsourcing client contracts. She has experience with team management, interfacing with executive leadership and clients, and practicing sound contract management processes and methods. 

Rebecca previously served as a member of the World Commerce & Contracting Council representing the United States.