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Areas of Expertise

ERP | Integration | Analytics | Anaplan | Big Data | Machine Learning (ML)/ Artificial Intelligent (AI) | Enterprise Architecture | Financial Services | Healthcare | Insurance | Retail | High Tech | Supply Chain | Higher Education

About Reggie

Reggie Gentle brings more than 20 years of professional experience in the enterprise technology space. He specializes in guiding organizations through complex decision-making and implementation processes to ensure successful deployments of stable, sustainable, and flexible architectures.

As a Principal Architect at Spaulding Ridge, Reggie Gentle leads the Data and Analytics service offerings. His technology areas of expertise include data management, enterprise resource planning, business analytics, enterprise system integration, enterprise planning, hybrid cloud, big data, and Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning (ML).

Reggie has been the advisor to the CXO at numerous organizations, as well as served as Enterprise Architect for numerous start-up and High Tech firms to delivery highly-flexible and infinitely scalable integration and data movement platforms. Reggie is a nationally accomplished speaker with numerous technology speaking engagements every year.