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Delivering value – both for now and for the future – through best-in-cloud technology is the goal. I’m here to take clients’ vision for their organization, get those ideas off the ground, and reach the summit. There are many paths to top of the same mountain; it’s all about finding the right one for you and your organization.

Areas of Expertise

Strategy Design | Strategy Transformation | Strategy Execution

About Rick

Rick is a veteran in business transformation with 30+ years of consulting and developing a toolbox that helps organizations collaborate to design the future. A former GE Digital leader, Rick has spent the past six years traveling the globe, designing and delivering business transformation solutions for the C-suite.

As the Head of Strategy and Outcomes in the Cloud Advisory Practice at Spaulding Ridge, Rick will work directly with CXOs to solve business problems and create 360-degree alignment to help organizations scale rapidly.

Prior to Spaulding Ridge, Rick co-founded a strategy design company, stratuum, which is also the name of the framework he and Ron designed for accelerating outcomes using roadmaps and proving out value.