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I am most curious about answering the question “what drives value?” And I love aligning the myriad initiatives we’re up to with outcomes that matter most. I also love building teams, and helping others in their careers. I seek out those with a passion for what they do to create maximum impact in the world.

About Ron

For over 30 years, Ron has been designing and building Finance and Enterprise Performance Management systems and processes. He has helped organizations across most industries become more agile, more insightful, and drive more material value.

A former Deloitte global finance & analytics executive, he’s served hundreds of clients including Google, salesforce, Oracle, ADM, and Hyatt, working with them to co-create solutions and methods to solve difficult challenges, and take advantage of new opportunities.

In addition, Ron is an avid micro-finance lender, an advisor to UNM’s “Business For Good” initiative, and a mentor for entrepreneurs at Santa Fe Innovates. His latest book is “Connected Planning” (Wiley, 2021), which is the 2nd edition of “Enterprise Performance Management Done Right” (Wiley, 2013).