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Areas of Expertise

Consumer Goods | Beverages & Spirits | Oil & Gas | Mining Pharmaceutical | Banking | Manufacturing and Telecom

About Taner

After graduating from Middle East Technical University in Turkey and receiving his MSC in Instrumentation In UK, Taner started working for Nortel Networks responsible for Digital telephone and data network expansion for BT and Cable and wireless in UK and Europe. Moved to SAP environment specialized in Datawarehouse and planning tools of BPS and BPC completing end to end planning solutions in Cost, Sales, HR, OPEX, and Consumption and Financial planning areas for various sectors in APAC region. After returning to UK focused on Anaplan cloud solutions worked in the Commercial planning for world leading Sprits and Beverages Companies. Most recent work was Workforce and Stress Scenario planning for leading financial services company in UK. During this project Taner completed his Master Anaplanner certification.

His now works for Spaulding Ridge and is a lead Model builder and Solution Architect for Workforce and Stress planning for Financial services sector. Workforce planning was in employee level with department and country-based drivers leading to a full financial flightpath on headcount and HR cost accounts. Integration of master and transactional data in various platforms using a shared Hub design structure. He has various certifications such as Solution Architect and Anaplan Model Builder in addition to his Master Anaplanner.